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[A Troyella Story] [Season #2] [Episode 3- Where WHAT?!]

A Troyella Story

Season Two

Chapter 12.

Sharpay scuffed the ground with her high heeled mary jane's. Her face turned into a small frown as she Troy & Gabriella talking at his locker. A flower grasped in his hand suddenly hit to the floor with a thud, and Gabriella picked it up, tears about to drain down her face. Troy turned around, wand walked off, his face red, bumping into Sharpay. Gabriella grasped the rose, and a gentle tear flowed down her face, and onto the flower. Should i go talk to her? No. she hates me. And, don't I hate her too? But, somethings wrong, it doesnt matter if we're in some stupid fight! We're best friends! right? Sharpay bit her lip as she slowly walked down to Gabriella. "Hi" Gabriella mummbled out, twisting the thorny stem of the rose in between her fingers. "Hello" sharpay slowly bit her lip, still staring at Gabriella & the rose. Almost as a silent agreement, the two looked at eachother, and hugged. the flower dropped, but no one cared. "I'm so sorry" Sharpay whispered, as she pulled away. "I am too!" Gabriella smiled lightly, as she brushed away her tears. "Now, whats wrong?!" Sharpay asked, picking up the abandoned flower. "I wish i knew" Gabriella turned towards the large brass framed window, and backto Sharpay. "I told Troy that, my parents, well, there divorcing, and my dad is taking Anthony, and not me. so, i told Troy that maybe we can stop the dates for a few weeks, untill i get settled into my new home." the words rolled out of Gabriella's mouth fast, and smoothly. But also a tint of fear was stuck in the last few words. "New home?!" Sharpay searched Gabriella's face for an answer, the one she got, was worse then she ever imagined.
Opening her eyes gently, Gabriella looked around at the room full of boxes. She moved the blanket off her, and slowly stood up. she walked across the room, taking the marker from her shelf, she crossed off "May 25th" and took the nail off her calander. She stuffed it into a near by box, and grabbed a jacket from ontop of a small box. Moving both arms in, and walking out, she cried. "ALL IN THE TRUCK!" her father yelled loudly, as her & her mother's things got piled into a large truck. He looked over at Gabriella, who was standing next to him now. "Gabi, now dont cry. Me & anthony will see you at Christmas, okay?" her father said gently, then hugged her tight. In slippers and a red shiny robe, her mother walked out, suprised to see the truck. "We're leaving tommrow, not today Lucas!" Her mother said with a athentic mexican accent. She narrowed her eyes at him. "Well, i gave you a head start!" he narrowed his eyes back, tightning his lips. "Well, Gabriella has school today, she must say good bye to all her friends" Mrs. Montez told him, placing a gentle arm on Gabriella's shoulder. "Have any clothes left?" her mother asked. "Yeah. I'll go change" she said quietly and stiffly, as Gabriella walked in the house, and Anthony asleep, the two batteling parents were left alone. They stared at eachother for the longest time. "'Anthony is about to go to college all the way in Calafornia, and you take Gabriella away from her life." Mrs. Montez narrowed her eyes once again. "You dont care about her at all dont you??" the mother raised her vocie. "Dont you EVER say i dont care about my kids! Gabriella needs a new life! all she does is go to school, screw up, and Sleep! what life is that?" Mr. Montez screamed, his fists tightning. "Hers." Mrs.Montez answered, then went inside.
Gabriella walked in to school, her hair up in a bun. Her last day at this school, and its gonna be spent with crying. "GABIRELLA! NO!" Miley came over and hugged her best friend tight. "How can you leave me? Leave US?" Miley asked, gesturing towards Sharpay, who was drinking at the water fountin. "I dont want to leave! But, i have to." Gabriella's face tightened up as tears rolled down her tender cheeks. Miley hugged Gabriella tight. "You have to call me every day, EVERY day." Miley told Gabriella, giving her a small reassuring smile. "I dont know if i can get reception in florida..." Gabriella said briskly. "I'll come & see you every summer!" sharpay ecxlaimed, rushing over to Miley & Gabriella. "It'll be a long car trip." Gabriella said, a small smile coming on. "Who cares?!!" Sharpay joekd as she smiled. "Now, arnt you going to say bye to Troy?" Miley asked, as he walked into the school. "He wont talk to me." Gabriella said, her frown returning. "YO BUTTFACE! GET OVER HERE AND SAY GOOD BYE TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND! SHES LEAVINGTO FLORDIA!" Miley screamed at the top of her lungs. Some girl with red, bouncy curls came over and said: "Lisa isn't moving to florida!" she laughed slightly, and walked away. "Lisa?" Gabriella grumbled, and tighted her face, then walked over to Troy. "LISA??" Gabriella screamed in his face. "Your leaving me! And Lisa won't! I started talking to her after you left me!" Troy said, his face as still as rock. "If you would of listened, i'm coming back christmas, and new years, we can call eachother, i'll come see you in the summer! I WANT to make this work! You just wanna have another ecxuse to hurt me." Gabriella gave him a dirty look as she walked away, down the hall, and into homeroom, just as the bell rang.
Lisa giggled as she popped another small grape into Troy's mouth, they seemed to be the only people at the "popular" table today, everyone else seemed to be huddled around some chick. "Troy, can we please go join our friends? I need to know whats going on!" Lisa scamppered, then batting her eyelashes. "Okay" Troy smiled, being a sucker for her wonderful baby blue eyes. Lisa smiled as she hopped over to the crowd. "what is it?" Troy asked, not able to see over the crowd. "There all saying good bye to some pretty girl, whos moving to flordia or something!" Lisa answered, moving into the crowd. "Oh no. Lisa, come on! Lets go eat again!" Troy ecxlaimed, trying to lead her away from Gabi. "No! i want to talk to her!" Lisa answered, then was gone, into the crowd. Gabi smiled as Lisa came into the crowd. "Hey Lisa!" Gabi smiled. The rest of the crowd sighed, wanting Gabi to talk to them. "I'm so sorry you have to leave! You were so fun being lab parenters with!" Lisa smiled slightly. "Thanks Lisa, now, only one person left who i care about for me to say good bye too! And thanks, do you want my phone number?/" Gabi asked, smiling, she liked this attention ,ecspially from Lisa. "Ofcourse! And do you want me to ge that person??" Lisa asked, taking the scribbled numbers from Gabi. "No, Troy wont even talk to me..." Gabriella answered, picking up her plaster tray and dumping into a trash can. The group faded away, knowing that she did not want to talk to them, but Lisa didn't. "Troy Bolton?" Lisa asked, crossing her arms. "Yeah, he broke up with me yesterday, after we just got back together!" Gabriella gave a fake sigh, and a small fake tear. she was grinning, and smirking so wide on the inside, she had to turn away to chuckle. "OH! well, i got to go!" Lisa stompped over to Troy, yelled, and walked out. He looked at Gabriella with a tint of madness, and walked over to her. "Why are you ruining my life?!" Troy screamed at Gabriella. "Well, if you wern't so stupid, i wouldn't have to tutor you!" Gabriella turned her back to Troy making a pouty face. "Why are you so stubborn? you hate me, then you want me! You cry, them youre evil! Gabriella montez, your like a bad habbit!" Troy yelled. "Well, im part of you, Your a part of me! How am i gonna give you up??" Gabriella turned back to him. "Well, i dont know! I cant ignore you, and youre moving, so i cant be with you!" Troy sighed in frustration. Gabriella pulled him in, and kissed him gently. "And that, is how you end a relationship." Gabriella turned away then walked out.
Okay guys, so, i know i put in a little lyrics! I was listening to the CD okay???? well, anyway, i hope you like the new episodes, and those phrases from "first bad habbit" belong to Vanessa Hudgens. so, just, yeah! I hope you enjoyed the ep! And to torture you, here is a little sneak preview of episode 13! :) btw, happy late halloween!!!!
Gabriella nervously walked in her new school, West High, even all the way across the country, they still amost had the same names. A small brown curl flowed into her face, she moved it, and approached her locker. She did the combonation, and opened it with satisfaction, she got it! She stuffed some books into it, and some boy approached her. "Hello, Hello Vanessa, i like the new style" this boy winked. "Vanessa? My name is Gabriella. who the heck is Vanessa?" Gabriella said frustrated. "Only the prettiest girl in the world! Who has the amazingly lucky Zac Efron who never leaves her side!" The boy chuckled, and put his hand on Gabriella's shoulder. "I'm justin, 'gabriella'" he walked off, now seeming to look just like Justin Timberlake. "Wierd!" Gabriella ecxlaimed, then saw the most hottest guy in the world walking towards her, why did he look so hot? Cause he looked ecxlaty the same as Troy Bolton......
dun, dun, dunnnnn....

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[A Troyella Story] [Season #2] [Episode 1- Truth Hurts]

Gabriella moved the stray hair out of her face, with such an amazing and confusing decision to make, she was tense. "Answer, please!" Troy begged, he would do anything to get her back. Once Again, Gabriella bit her lip. "I'll-I'll..." is all Gabirella could make out. Troy took her hand and squeezed it tight. "We'll see how it works out..." Gabriella finished, lifting up her head and smiling wide at Troy. "I'll take that as a YES!" he screamed and quickly dabbed her on the cheek with a kiss. She smiled and giggled softly. "Now... i have to go" Gabriella said, seeing Sharpay & miley sneaking out to the car in the cornor of her eye. She ran over and jumped on Sharpay's back. "GAH! Gabi! You freacking scared me! dont ever do that!" Sharpay giggled, and gave Gabriella her keys. "Tried to drive my car without me??" she asked, giggling and unlocking the doors. "Maybe..." Miley started, as she went over and tried to open the passenger seat. Sharpay smacked back Miley's hand. "I'm in shotgun!" Sharpay giggled, as she tumbled into the seat and clicked in her seatbelt. "Lucky.." Miley mumbled, then hopping into the back.

10 minitues later the trio stepped into the pizzera's larged arched doors. The floors sparkled behind the many muddy footprints on the entry way. "There's a table!" Miley yelled, running over and pouncing on the table. Gabriella & Sharpay started to laugh SO HARD! "okay, we'll order crazy!" Gabriella told miley, smiling. Miley playfully rolled her eyes and smirked. "cheese pizza, extra cheese, deep dish and three cokes." Sharpay toldthe cashier as she got out her wallet. "Wich table?" The lady asked nicely. "The one that the brunette is laying on" Gabriella giggled. "Table 9. got it" the cashier winked as she took the crisp 10 dollar bill from Sharpay. Gabriella ran over and grabbed the seat next to Miley. Sharpay rolled her eyes and set down, facing them. "why am i alone??" She asked, sighing. "Here" Gabriella scribbled on a face with two big eyes and shoved it on the seat. "Thats your not lonley paper" Gabriella giggled as she wisped out her purse. Miley laughed. "Oh joy" sharpay mumbled. Gabriella's thiegh vibrated. who has to call me now?? Gabriella thought as she took the pink razor out from her pocket. She smiled as Troy's number scrolled across the screen. "Get over here!" She giggled into the phone. "Where are you??" Troy's voice squeaked on the other line. "Tony's pizza. NOW HURRY! and bring a bottle of water!" Gabriella smiled, then hung up. "Sharpay, sit here" Gabriella picked up her puffy coat and her purse, as she stood up. "thank you!" sharpay squealed as she slid her stuff across the table. Gabriella sat down at Sharpay's seat and sighed. Taking out her phone, and staring at the tiny clock, waiting for Troy to come.

7 minitues later, Troy walked in, scanning the area for Gabriella, he smiled, seeing her staring down at her phone. He came up and slid in the seat next to her. "h-h-hi troy" sharpay stumbled out, twisting her hair around her finger. "Hey Shar" Troy answered back. Then he kissed Gabriellas temple softly. She smiled and turned to Miley. "So, talked to Jake yet??" she asked. "I wish. i miss him so much." Miley's smile faded into a frown, and a small tear. "You'll see him soon, i promise" Troy told Miley reassuring and wiped her tear. "Thanks" Miley smild slightly and turned to sharpay, who was staring at troy. "Shar, what is it?" Miley asked, nudging Sharpay. "Nothing." Sharpay answered, staring at the floor now. "sharpay, Bathroom, NOW!" Gabriella ecxlaimed, as she picked up her purse, and dragged Sharpay into the bahtroom. "Now, tell me, whats wrong?" Gabriella asked her best friend. "You" Sharpay said lightly. "M-m-me? But, why?" Gabriella asked. "You have everything! and you still get Troy! who will love you no matter what! and i bet by tommrow you too will brake up & be together by lunch! why do you toy with his emotions?! hes a great guy!" Sharpay yelled, stamping her foot. Gabriella took a step backwards. "And you think i LIKE doing that? i get heart broken about 2 times a day! I would leave him alone, but I can't, because, we care for eachother." Gabriella told Sharpay holding back tears. "whatever" Sharpay said quietly, and wallked out the bathroom, tears streaming down her face.
"Sharpay!" Troy hollered at her , as she walked out of the bathroom, crying. "Troy!" Sharpay ran into his arms, crying more deeply then ever. "Whats wrong?" Troy asked uncomfortbly. Sharpay did not answer, she just cried harder. Troy, out the cornor of his eye, saw Gabriella peeking through the door of the girls bahtroom, a few tears rolling down. "GABI!" Troy yelled, letting go of sharpay and running to her. She ran into his arms once seeing him. He stroked her hair and whispered: "lets go" in her ear. Miley ran over to the two. "Whats going on?" Miley asked. "I dont know, im taking her home though, here, drive her car back to your house" Troy jiggled around in Gabriella's purse, untill he got hold of her keys and handed them to Miley. Miley nodded and grabbed Sharpay by the arm, the two was out of sight in seconds. "Now, what happened?" Troy asked Gabriella, hugging her tight. "Troy, i wish i knew" Gabriella barley made out. The two walked hand-in-hand out of the pizzera. Leaving one waitress very confused when no body was there to claim the cheese pizza.

The next day....

Jake opened his locker as he stuffed a empty folder and humoungues history book in his locker. "JAKE!" a faint cry yelled in the distant. he jumped seeing miley. She was wearing a pink embordered spaghetti strap with a cropped jean jacket. Also loong, tight clinging white pants with pink high heels. "your back??? i mean, uh..hi?" he said alarmed. "Why do you seem so frightened to see me??" Miley asked, batting her eye lashes. "No reason!" Jake hollered, then he scurried off. Miley sighed sadly as she watched him scramble into a group of kids. "Sad?" A scratchy,also familar voice asked. Miley turned around, and narrowed her eyes. "Yeah, because I was thinking that im back in the same school as you!" Miley rolled her eyes and snapped out her lip gloss. He laughed deeply, and had a crooked smile. "You know you missed me" He smiled evily, as he pulled Miley in for one sweet kiss.....

To Be CoNtInUeD

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